Welding Studs For Capacitor

Welding studs for capacitor discharge stud welding

Technical information


We produce our welding studs from the following materials with excellent weldability:

The material specifications conform with DIN EN ISO 13918 and DIN EN ISO 14555. For welding studs from other materials please send us your inquiry or contact us.

On demand the material properties can be verified by an inspection document (test report. inspection certificate) according to DIN EN 10204.

We are pleased to inform you about weldability to different base materials and welding parameters.


Welding studs dimensions are given in the measurement tables (all dimensions in mm). All standardized welding studs conform to DIN EN ISO 13918. Not standardized welding studs are supplied according to DIN EN ISO 13918. Special welding elements which are not described are delivered on request.

Dimensions that are not listed in the measurement tables are delivered on request.

Stud flange

Welding studs for capacitor discharge stud welding have a cold formed flange. The diameter of the flange is always bigger than the external diameter of the welding element (see following drawings and measurement tables). The flange prevents the electric arc to flash over to the cylindrical part of the welding element and increases the welding area. By this a high strength of the stud welded joint is guaranteed.

On request it is possible to deliver welding studs with flange dimensions other than the ones listed and welding studs without flange. However we can only recommend the limited use of welding studs without flange – depending on the welded joint requirements. Please contact us for this.

Welding tip

Welding studs for capacitor discharge stud welding have a cold formed calibrated welding tip with length and diameter tolerances closely controlled. At the welding tip the welding process is initiated and it determines the length of the welding time. Therefore exact dimensions of the welding tip are decisive for proper welding results.

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